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  • “In the end, my case was dismissed. I highly recommended him to anybody facing a criminal charge.”

  • “Thanks to Mr. Nosratabadi, I did no jail time. I did a 30 day stay at a local residential rehabilitation program. Thank you Mr. Nosratabadi.”

  • “You don't need to do any more research.....Reza is the lawyer for you! ”

    Kriste Huntington Beach, CA
  • “I retained his offices and he got me an offer with no jail time.”

    G.S. Los Angeles, ca
  • “ He pointed out each and every single lie that the officers uttered to the jury. I knew that I had made the right choice by choosing this lawyer. He was recommended by two other lawyers.”

  • “I hired Rodney, and he went to court for me. At the second hearing, he got the case dismissed. ”

  • “Where other lawyers would settle or try to finish the case early, he went the extra mile and kept pushing for dismissal for months and months. ”

  • “I hope to never have to hire another criminal defense lawyer in my life, but if I do it will be Rodney Nosratabadi. I highly recommend him.”

    Past Client
  • “All I can say is that Reza is by far the best attorney I have ever had and I have had a few. The odds were stacked against us and we still came out on top.”

    Hildred O.
  • “My case was dismissed on the first day of trial.”

    P.B. San Bernadino, CA
  • “Rodney handled the whole case so I didn't have to do a single thing and just focused on my own day to day routines.”

    Past Client
  • “Heaven forbid you should ever need a criminal defense attorney. But, should you need one, look no further than Reza and his associates at KN Defense. Thank you Reza!”

  • “Almost two weeks later, my case was dismissed. Thanks Mr. Nosratabadi!”

    E.J.C. Fullerton, CA
  • “ Of all the lawyers I spoke to, Reza was by far the most courteous and explained to me that I would get the best legal representation that I could buy. Reza went above and beyond my expectations of what i thought was going to be the outcome of my case.”

  • “When I sat down with Rodney Nosratabadi, he made me feel more comfortable about the proceedings. He visited my son at the hospital and told him about what could happen to his case. ”

    C.L. Orange County, CA